halp the bed is eating me alive SAVE ME 


Selfie status while my homegirl choke a ging bitch

last night i stayed up late finishing some drawing because i didn’t want to let my Drawing teacher down, he’s an old man and he’s so adorable omg

and know i’m staying up late because i don’t want to let my Design Theory teacher down, she’s pretty fun and i like the way she teaches and wtf is going on with me :( 



Franz von Stuck, The Kiss of the Sphinx (1895) / Arctic Monkeys, I Wanna Be Yours (2013)


by Dean Chalkley

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Daenerys Fan Challenge 6A: Favourite Hairstyle.

The green swallowed her up. The air was rich with the scents of earth and grass, mixed with the smell of horseflesh and Dany’s sweat and the oil in her hair. Dothraki smells. They seemed to belong here. Dany breathed it all in…